Peter has over 30 years of experience as an inspector in a variety of fields, including nuclear and bridge. He is an AWS CWI, and VT, PT, MT, UT Level II


Peter hale

We are currently hiring! Call or email us to find out more.

Our Team is constantly growing and expanding in the Pacific Northwest. If for whatever reason we do not provide the services you require, please let us know. We have a vast amount of resources and referrals to offer you, and we will work on acquiring those assets for you to use in the future.

Some services we can refer you to:

ASNT Level III Services

NACE Level III Services

WABO Testing

Specialty Ultrasonic Inspection

Local PNW Industrial Fabricators

our Mission

Warren has over 20 years of experience as a welder and inspector in various parts of the world. He is an AWS CWI, and VT, PT, MT, UT Level II.

WE believe that integrity is a right, not a privilege, for our customers.

Our customers are important to us. So is integrity, an often over looked quality in the high demand work that we specialize in. With that quality, we are re-defining the industry.

AWS Certified Welding Inspector

AWS D1.5 Bridge Endorsement

NACE Certified Coating Inspector Level II

Radiographic Interpretation

Visual Testing NDE Level II

Liquid Penetrant Testing NDE Level II

Magnetic Particle Testing NDE Level II

Ultrasonic Testing NDE Level II

​We are currently working on our ACCP qualifications through ASNT, as well as being certified as a CP-189 company.

our Team

Warren Buehler